The Revival We Need: The Book of James

Nov 13, 2022

Words have power! Just like God used his words to create and give life, our words have the power to do the same. James sets the foundation for us in the church on how to effectively use our words to teach, help one another, and ultimately bring praise to Jesus. Today's challenge will be to use our words to help bring life. James 3:1-12; Proverbs 18:21; 1 Corinthians 13:1

Group Discussion Questions

1. What is something that someone said to you long ago that has always stuck with you? Why did it stick with you after all this time?  

2. Read James 3:1-12. Select one thing that stands out to you from chapter 3. Why did that stand out to you?  

3. Why are instructors held to a higher standard?  

4. Why is the tongue so hard to tame? Will we ever get to a place where we can fully control our words?

5. What do non-believers think when they see a believer in Christ praising him with praise then using their words to curse, put down, & destroy?

6. What is one discipline that you and the group can put in place to help use your words to bring life to others and to the kingdom?