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Lifestyle of Worship Title: Rest Is Worship

Mar 19, 2023    Pastor Adam Lewis

Lord, make my heart sit still. What a great prayer!!! Today, we adventure into the Biblical of rest and how we can reconnect with God in our worship. God commands that we take a break! Time to assess ourselves and see if we are overdue for a time of rest. Let's learn to rest, not quit! God rested. So should we.

Small Group Questions

1. Start your time out with a prayer for rest to be a part of your regular week. Read out loud Hebrews 4:1-9 guide your prayer time.

2. Start in Mark 1:21-35. Write down all the activities that Jesus did in that one particular day and how exhausting his day would have been. What was his response in Mark 1:35?

3. Do you ever feel guilty for resting? Why or why not?

4. What is your weekly rhythm of rest and do you find the time each day to spend a few moments resting, re-creating, and worshiping God?

5. A time of rest will help us not to quit, but will give us the stamina to keep going. Pray for a time of rest, for resilience within that rest, and for God's strength to continue in your life.