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No Other gods

Jun 16, 2024    Pastor Adam Lewis

The Word of the Lord is good and is useful for teaching, training, rebuking, and correcting. A common misconception about the 10 Commandments is that they were rules given to the people to follow. As we dive into their purpose and content, we will discover that God gave the children of Israel the 10 Commandments as words of life to guide them toward Him as their God. They are the foundation for life and the first two commandments serve as the standard for the rest of the commandments that were given to Moses. With each commandment, we will point back to the New Covenant that was established by Jesus and show how these words still lead to life today.


1. Begin your time together by discussing your walk with Jesus and what opportunities the Lord has given you to share the good news of the gospel with others.

2. Read Exodus 20:1-21 to yourself. When everyone has completed that task, discuss your initial thoughts about the 10 Commandments and why God gave them to the children of Israel.

3. From what you have learned over the years, what is the relationship between Law and grace? How would the 10 Commandments apply to a believer versus a non-believer?

4. God is our Lord and our one and only judge. What problems do we start to put other people or things in the place of God as our judge?

5. What role does the first two commandments place on the rest of them?  

6. Where, in your life, do you need God to be Lord?