SUNDAY,  MAY 26,  2024

SERMON SERIES: Practicing the Way of Christ

TODAY'S SERMON: Stephen and the Way of Christ

SPEAKER:  Pastor Riley Fleetwood

We cannot practice the Way of Christ and experience the Life if we aren't ready to face the pain and suffering that  we encounter in this world. Our response and the life we lead amidst our suffering becomes a testimony far more powerful than giving someone a run down of the Gospel with your words. The people who get it, who practice the Way, don't run from pain or ignore it, pretending as if it doesn't exist, but they face it knowing the God who stands with them with a broken heart and a powerful hand. He does not abandon us to our suffering but has given us the example of how to endure and still change lives amidst suffering, and in doing so following in the steps of Christ, shaming the Enemy, death and the powers of this world. Suffering lasts in the night, but God's power and justice always rises with the morning.


1. Compare Luke's account of Jesus' arrest and crucifixion and Stephen's arrest and eventual death. What are the similarities? Differences?

2. Read John 14-15. How does it relate to Stephen? What is the role of the Holy Spirit for believers and what can we learn about the Way of Christ from this passage?

3. What role does the Holy Spirit play in this snapshot of Stephen's life?

4. What role does the Holy Spirit play in your life? How has he moved you recently?

5. What pain or suffering has God transformed into a testimony, either in your own life, the life of someone you know or around the world? Is there any that hasn't yet been transformed? Is there someone who made Christ more real to you through their endurance?

6. Suffering is not open, it is not always public and it is not always obvious or massive. We experience some sort of discomfort, pain or suffering almost on a daily basis. Pray for each other's strength through the Spirit and that others may know Christ through our endurance.

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