December 10, 2023

Sermon Series: Missing Peace

Sermon Title:  
Disappointment With God

Speaker:  Pastor Adam Lewis

 Luke 2, Matthew 1, Proverbs 19:21, Proverbs 16:9

Have you ever been disappointed with God?  Are you disappointed with God right now?  Chances are our disappointment with God comes from our plans being changed because of his plans.  We look at the life of Mary and Joseph and how God changed their plans to bring the Savior into the world to save us from our sin.  And through all the changes in their plans, they chose to worship through and trust.  Their disappointment was actually a divine appointment with God and your's can be, to!

Group Questions:

1.  Have you ever been disappointed with God?  Have you ever been made to feel guilty for feeling such a way toward God?

2.  Read Proverbs 16:9 & Proverbs 19:21.  When was a time God changed your plans?  How did it work out?

3.  Mary and Joseph were both troubled by the role they would play in God's story for humanity.  (Mary - Luke 1:29) (Joseph - Matthew 1:19).  Was ultimately their response and talk candidly about their process to arrive there.

4.  LEADER - select a worship song to play before you wrap-up your discussion time.  Use that time of listening and worshiping to trust God's plan for whatever is on your heart.

5.  John Powell wrote: "I have a sign in the mirror of my room I see everyone morning in my groggy condition, when I first wake up:  WHAT HAVE YOU GOT GOING TODAY, GOD?  I'D LIKE TO BE PART OF IT.  THANKS FOR CHOOSING ME!"  Let this be your prayer in the days ahead.  

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