The Revival We Need: The Book of James

Nov 20, 2022

Everyone has experienced conflict with others. The resolution of conflict only happens when there is an inspection of our hearts and both parties are seeking God in the process. Today, we look at what causes fights among us and James' solution for living in harmony with others. We will build today's message on Psalm 23:5; 'You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." God has set a table for us, now it's a matter of pulling up a chair to the table and living in harmony with others.  

Small Group Questions

1. Read James 4:1-10. What does the word Submit mean to you?

2. What do families and friends commonly fight about? What does James say is the root caus of fights and quarrels between people?

3. According to James 4:7, we should submit to God and resist the devil. Give an example of how we can resist the devil.

4. What must we do to draw nearer to God? What are some barriers that keep us from doing this?

5. For what should Christians weep and mourn? What does this mean for our families, our church, & our community?