Adam Lewis

Lead Pastor

Nicole Kearns

Executive & Family Pastor

Jony Bernal

Pastor of Latino Ministries

Isaac Kearns

Young Adults Pastor

Ben vandyke

Interim Youth Ministry Director

Matt Stepp

Worship Pastor

Logan Bergmann

Children's Ministry Director

Riley Fleetwood

Children's Ministry Pastor

Dr. Jim Upchurch

Pastoral Care

Alisha Thelander

Pastoral Counselor & Hope on the Hill Director

ALyssa Laidler

Communications Director

Rich Lee

Data Systems & Tech Director

Susan Harter

Finance/HR Director

Lance Mosley

Facilities Director

Sam Craig

Facilties Team

2023-24 CHURCH BOARD Members

The Board of Church on the Hill is primarily responsible for the compliance, assurance and risk management of the church. It is their responsibility to hold our lead pastor accountable, and partner with our pastoral team to help Church on the Hill live out its vision.

steve Ewert

Nazarene Missions Council President

steve Simmons


Daniel Jaquith

Tina Kelley

Marla Bunn

Loren Blanchard

Cressie Kearns

Josh Togstad

Bob Mason