At the Rock: Becoming Living Stones

Apr 16, 2023

In a day and age where there is opposition to all things, the church should stand out as the place where a living God is active in a living community. According to 1 Peter, this living God is making living stones and one by one, we are showing the world who God is, His truth, and how transformation is possible. God is creating us to be living stones, a people who live upon the cornerstone, find purpose and strength in community, and uphold the truth of the gospel.  

Group Questions:

1. Share prayer requests before getting to started with the lesson. Pray for one another. In doing so, you are exercising the action of being living stones that live upon the cornerstone of truth.  

2. Read 1 Peter 2:4-10. Discuss what was happened during that time when this was written and how Peter's encouragement would have helped them gain a new perspective on their current situation. What are the four major descriptions Peter uses for believers in verse 9?  How would this help us today as Christ followers?

3. Some of the attributes of Living Stones were mentioned today. Among them are: living on the cornerstone of truth, finding purpose, staying connected in community. What are some other attributes of being a living stone?

4. How can we continue to be living stones for our church, for our family, for McMinnville?