Expect Great Things

Nov 12, 2023    Pastor Adam Lewis

Let's start to prepare for 2024! As the year comes to an end, we can put behind us the year that was and start to focus on what the Lord is calling us to do as a church community in the next 12 months. Today, we talk about our goals for next year and how God continues to call us into the deep waters of growth and discipleship making. This is the challenge we need to help us focus again! Our goals for 2024 will be given through the lens of our core values: Pray First, Growth, Serving, and Multiplication. Church on the Hill, expect great things!

Group Life Questions

1. Begin by praying for one another and for one lost person that each group member knows by name.

2. Discuss John 12:32 (someone read verse) and what Jesus means for the church today. How have we wandered away from His teaching in John 12:32? How can we come back?

3. Assess with your group where everyone is in their journey with Christ by using Pastor Jony's sermon from November 5th as a metric: ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep, swept away. What is the next step for each person? (How can COTH help them grow in their faith?)

4. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus is giving clear commands to make disciples. Is there someone that they are discipling? Who is discipling them?