Lessons In Miracles

Jan 21, 2024    Pastor Adam Lewis

There are some common lessons to be learned when it comes to miracles! With each one, we know that God's grace is the source and miracles also increase our God-awareness. Today, we will explore the man in John 5 who was healed from his physical ailment but wasn't healed in his heart. Sometimes we seek the physical miracle and forget to ask or acknowledge the heart transformation that Jesus expects. Our challenge today is to rid ourselves of the excuses and take a step in the direction of heart healing.  

Group Questions:

1. Begin your time together speaking about a miracle that has happened to you this past week or month. How did it strengthen your relationship with God? (Please feel free to share these with Pastor Adam in the days ahead so we can highlight some of the miracles that God is doing at COTH).  #miraclewatch   Email: alewis@hillchurch.com

2. Read John 5:1-15 once more and share some casual observations. Why did what you shared stick out to you?   

3. Why did Jesus walk past others and go straight to the man by the pool? How does this apply to our lives today? 

4. Read John 5:6. Why did Jesus ask the man if he wanted to be healed? How would healing change the man's life? What, in your opinion, was the man's real need?

5. Out of the three lessons shared in the sermon: 1) Miracles Are From God's Grace, 2) Miracles Reveal Our God-Awareness, 3) Jesus Expects Repentance; which one speaks most to your heart and why.  

6. Continue to pray for one another, for one another's miracles, and for the continued move of the Spirit at COTH.