What Some People Expected

Jan 7, 2024    Pastor Adam Lewis

Our theme for 2024 is Expect Great Things! We enter into this weekend and 21 days of prayer expecting God to do the miraculous. As we look through two miracles in Mark's gospel (7 & 8), we will see that God works miracles according to his ways, not ours. We will also see that there is something that is happening in us when we bring forth instances for the miraculous to Jesus himself. We are the 'some people' that the passages talk about today. We bring forth that which needs the essence of Jesus to Jesus and expect great things!

Group Life Questions:

1. What is your word for 2024? Examples include: expectation, faith, devotion, courage, anticipation, believe, & heal.  

2. On a scale from 1 to 10, (10 being highly likely), how likely are you to believe in a miracle?

3. Look at each story individually: Mark 7:31-37 & Mark 8:22-26. Discuss similarities between the miracles. What are we to make of Jesus' methods for healing in these instances?

4. We are the "some people" who bring things to the Savior. What is happening in us when we are bringing things to Him? How does God view us when we submit and release things to him?

5. End your time by praying for one another and for one miracle you would like to see in 2024.