Riches to Rags - The Incarnation

Dec 3, 2023    Pastor Adam Lewis

Advent celebrates the coming of our Lord! His arrival means that he is with us in the center of our hopelessness. We could not get to him, so he came to us! This love that came from heaven above is not something that we should be distant from. This love that came for us was real and it's personal. It can change us forever. It can be our missing piece.  

Group Questions:

1. Begin your time by praying for one another. Have each person share one thing that the Lord has been speaking to them or teaching them.

2. At our lowest, the God of the universe is our source of peace and hope. Describe a time when you were at the end of yourself and the Lord was that calming, hopeful presence that you needed. 


3. Read John 1:1-14. Discuss the 'Word" or 'Logos' from vv. 1-2. Why would that term mean such a great deal to the people of God at that time? What would this sound like today?

4. The Dorothy Sayers story is one that is popular among preachers. Talk about why she would have placed herself in the story. Hebrews 12:2 says, "He is the author and perfecter of our faith." Is our story already written with God already in it or is our story being written and we need to accept Christ to make it complete?  

5. Talk about how your group can display the incarnational model to your surroundings and McMinnville like Jesus did to us through the incarnation.