we cannot ask ourselves 'what would jesus do?' if we aren't being formed the way jesus was formed.

Until discipleship making becomes THE ministry of the church, and not A ministry of the church, the church will never truly fulfill its mission. Jesus commanded us to be disciples who make disciples. As Christ followers, we are called to model Jesus as we live as resurrected people and usher in God's kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven. But we are only able to accomplish this through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, as we are transformed into God's holy image through the renewal of our minds, hearts, and spirits. This happens through the participation in Spiritual Practices, as we saw Jesus model for us during his time here on earth.

The call of a Christ follower requires that we die to self, to submit to the work of the Spirit, and to be unleashed to be used by God to play our role in His radical story of restoration. We at Church on the Hill are committed to challenging you, equipping you, and cheering you on as you walk out your powerful testimony and help others do the same. 

spiritual practices

Prayer + Fasting

Community + Accountability 

Sabbath + Self Care

Bible Reading + Reflection

Worship + Gratitude

Investing + Serving

growing together

Small Groups

We believe true life change happens best in the context of real relationships, which are best developed in Small Groups.  Being a Christian means being a part of the Body of Christ. We believe that Small Groups are the model by which God intended His people to accomplish His good works on earth through.
Our Small Groups typically meet weekly or biweekly  in places all around our community and provide a place to connect, study God's Word, develop Spiritual Practices together, and discuss the issues and challenges of life. Regardless of your age, interest, or location, we want to help you find a group  for you. Small Groups are also where we pray, care for one another, and are missed if we don’t show up!


We offer classes on Sunday morning at 9:00a and Wednesday night at 6:30p that study either books of the Bible or Theological topic. These classes are meant to help develop biblical literacy, better understand the grand story of God’s character, and discover how these truths are to be applied in our lives.

Current Classes
7 weeks beginning April 11th & 14th

Sunday 9:00am,  Rm 117 
Study of 1st Peter
led by Paul and Patty Durfee

Wednesday 6:30pm, Rm 112 
Revelation - I Saw a Holy City
led by Mark and Nancy Pitts

“Our group is where I feel safe and can come as I am, be vulnerable and honest knowing I will be loved despite my imperfection and I will be challenged and sharpened to never be the same.”

Freedom groups walk participants through a 12-week small group Bible study designed  to help us  learn how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit who frees us from the bondage of sin and who empowers us to be and do Jesus is every way and every day.

Following the 12-week Bible study is a powerful Friday night and Saturday prayer experience designed to allow people to encounter God in a personal way and to receive freedom in many areas of our spiritual life.

Freedom Groups begin in September and February
Living in the tree of life
Walking in the Spirit
Surrendering to Jesus
Speaking words of Life
Becoming a vessel God can use
Living as a worshiper

breakthrough groups

Breakthrough groups can take a variety of shapes, from helping you through a painful divorce, gaining victory and freedom over the broken areas in our life that plague most of us to come degree, or overcoming the pain of grief or loss. Breakthrough groups meet weekly for several months or through the year; this provides the ongoing encouragement and support that may be necessary in the journey to victory and freedom.

During the COVID season, restrictions do not allow these groups to be meeting. However, if you are struggling and need to speak to someone, please contact us and we will get you connected with some resources to help you through this season.


Baptism is a sacrament that we participate in when we have decided to follow Jesus! It is commanded of all new disicples as it represents our willing decision to die to self in order to be raised into new life - as a new creation in Christ! It is truly a celebration!
NEXT BAPTISM July 18th. 
We believe that every single person was created with a purpose and has a role to play in God’s story. The Serve Team at Church on the Hill consists of every person living out their role within our community of faith. We believe that God placed you here for a reason and only YOU can play the role God has for you in this life!
Step 3 of Lifetrack helps you discover your purpose and Step 4 helps you discover where to play your role. We’d love for you to experience Steps 3 and 4 of Lifetrack.

“I am blessed to be part of a wonderful Church that serves Christ and our community.  I am surrounded by great caring volunteers who follow Christ’s commandments to love and care for others.  It is a blessing to serve.”