freedom Groups

Freedom groups walk participants through a 12-week small group Bible study followed by a Friday night and Saturday prayer experience that are designed to help us become aware of, surrender, and receive healing for every area in our life keeping us from living in the fullness of what God desires for us. The mission of Freedom groups is to equip us to remove every obstacle to intimacy with God and to walk in the true freedom provided through the work of the Cross. 


Freedom Groups start in September and March.


focus of the freedom study

The 12-week Bible study focuses on the following six areas of personal growth


    God never wanted us to pursue dead religion, rather His heart is for us to know Him personally and live in our true identity as His children. You will learn what it means to live in the “Tree of Life” and how a simple but powerful perspective shift can impact every area of your life

    Jesus said a time was coming when "true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth."  The ultimate purpose we were created for is to worship God.  A Spirit-led life of purity and surrender produces a heart for worship.


    The Bible talks about the Spirit-led life, but this kind of living can feel hard to reach. Through Freedom, you will learn the principles of spiritual order and how feeding your spirit over your emotions and flesh is key to walking in the Spirit.

    God has a unique plan and purpose for each of us.  The evil one's goal is to keep us from realizing that purpose.  We, however, have the authority in Jesus to overcome sin and the evil one's schemes, to walk in victory, and to live a life of purity that is full of purpose.   


    God calls us to love and serve Him above all else, and when we do, we see how we can grow in our purpose, live forgiven and forgive others, and receive His blessings. Freedom will help you learn how to surrender to Jesus and live in freedom daily.

    The Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue.  By learning to speak words of life that line up with God's Word, we have the power to change our environment and to break free from the evil one's strongholds in our life.


    Our words have power, and by learning to speak words of life that line up with God’s Word, your words can change your environment and relationships and break the power of the enemy’s words in your life.

    God calls us to be a people whose love for God supersedes all other desires and goals.  God must be Lord of our lives so that we may grow in our purpose, live a life of forgiveness, and receive Gods blessings.   


    God has a unique plan and purpose for our lives, but we also have an enemy who is trying to keep us from fulfilling this purpose. In your Freedom Group, you will learn how to stand in the authority of Jesus to overcome sin and the enemy’s schemes as you allow God to use your life for His glory.

    The Spirit-led life that the Bible talks about eludes many of us.  In Freedom groups, we learn to understand the principle of spiritual order.  Feeding our spirit over our emotions and flesh is the key to walking in the Spirit.  


    We all worship something. Freedom will help you learn how to daily direct your worship to God and discover how it can influence the heart of everything you do.

    God's desire for us was never a life of pursuing dead religion.  God's heart for us is that we would know God personally through the Tree of Life and ultimately know our true identity as children of God.   



Following the 12-week Bible study is a powerful Friday night and Saturday prayer experience designed to allow people to encounter God in a personal way and to receive freedom in many areas of our spiritual life.  Through prayer, worship, and optional water baptism, participants will be given the opportunity to surrender to God in eight different areas that touch the lives of every God-follower. After a group participates in this experience, we will gather one last time to study chapter 13 in the Freedom book that highlights how to allow this newfound freedom to permeate every part of our lives.