When Failure Strikes

When Failure Strikes

Passage: Acts 7:17-36, Exodus 2:11-25, John 15:5
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Failure – we don’t like it; we don’t want it; we go to great lengths in trying to hide it, to ignore it, or to rationalize it.
In doing so, we resist or miss the opportunity to be conformed to God’s image in the midst of such failure or setback.

God used Moses’ failure to reshape him being a self-dependent, self-controlled man. He also used him to be a God-dependent, God-controlled man, who God could be use to expand God's kingdom on earth.

How did God accomplish such reshaping? By signing Moses up for a master’s degree in character development, which degree consisted of two primary courses:
(i) advanced obscurity; and
(ii) remedial waiting.

Are you willing "to wait in obscurity" for God to do God's work in you? 


Questions for this week:

1. How has God used a failure to reshape you?
2. What does Moses' story tell us about God?
3. In what ways do you relate to Moses' story?
4. In what ways are you self-dependent and self-controlled? When you face a tough issue or problem in your life, what is your first reaction to address such issue or problem?
5. How are you allowing God to develop your character?  What is your greatest character weakness and why?