The God Who Hears and Responds to the Cry

The God Who Hears and Responds to the Cry

Passage: Exodus 3:7-9, 19:4-6, 20-22
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God is the God who hears and responds to the "cry". God is looking for a "body" to do the same thing.

Will you be that "body"?


  1. Think about your own life.  What are the moments that have shaped you the most? How many of them happened when you were at the end of your rope -- when there was nothing left to do but cry out to God? How did God respond to your cry?
  2. Do you see any parallels of the Egypt of the Exodus to anything today? If so, what and how so?
  3. Where do we see "anti-kingdom" things happening in our country/world?
  4. What do you think about that fact that God wants to use us to hear and to respond to the cry of those in need? How are you doing that?