Defining Moments In Life

Defining Moments In Life

Passage: Numbers 14, Mark 10:17-22
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What fear is keeping your from experiencing God's best? Fear of the unknown caused the Israelites and the rich man to walk away from God's best for them.  As a result, the Israelites lived 40 years of regrets.  I wonder how long the rich man lived with regrets.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you.  You can avoid the “life of regrets” by simply following God’s path for you and trusting that God will take care of the rest.  Friends, whatever life God is calling you to, I hope you will choose the way God leads at each “defining moment” of your life, and, then, well, “raise your hallelujah” and shout “fear you lost your hold on me.”



  1. What are some of the "defining moments" in your life?
  2. What "fears" have consumed you the most?  What "fears" consumed the Israelites in Numbers 14 and the rich man in Mark 10?
  3. How have you let "fear" inhibit you in life?  How have you overcome such fear?  Is there any "fear" that is keeping you from experiencing God's best for you?
  4. How has "fear" warped your view of God or your trust in God?
  5. Have you ever taken a God-risk?  If so, explain.
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