2 Ways to live: TOL or TKGE

2 Ways to live: TOL or TKGE

Passage: Genesis 2
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Do you want to live in the "Tree of Life" or the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil"? Your answer will determine who decides what is in your best interests God or You. Put differently, it is either choosing human autonomy and independence from God, thinking I know what is best for me, or it is choosing to seek God first and TRUST that God will take care of the rest, believing that God knows what it best for me. Living in the TKGE means that we are lord of our own lives; we follow our own way; we live in our own self-created kingdom. The TKGE way of living leads to broken relationships -- HELL. Living in the TOL means that God is Lord of our life; we follow Gods way, we live in Gods kingdom, and that way leads to living "right relationship" with God and with all other created things -- HEAVEN. #HillChurchMcminnville Genesis 2 and 3