Hope on the Hill (HOTH) is the compassionate ministry we partner with here at Church on the Hill.

​Hope on a Hill is a 501c3 Nonprofit that provides services to folks in Yamhill county.  Through community partnerships, monetary donations, the help of many volunteers, and revenue from our firewood sales program, our MISSION is to serve others by sustaining our food pantry and clothing closet/toiletries programs. We partner with YCAP, Oregon Food Bank, and Church On The Hill.   In wrapping around community members to meet immediate needs, we wish to FOCUS on the opportunity to ignite hope and provide necessary resources for individuals to move forward on their own path to self sufficiency.   
Helping people find resources to lead wholesome lives
Offering opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency
Partnering with local organizations to meet community need
Enriching lives by developing skills that lead to dignity and self-worth

To Find Out More Visit hopeonthehill.org