Mark 10:45

The Bible tells us that faith without works is dead. We choose to play our role in God's story so that we can help usher God's kingdom onto earth as it is in Heaven. To be Christian is to be apart of the body of Christ, using our unique gifts and passions to help others come to know God and experience the transforming work of the Spirit.

When we serve at our local church, we are joining with the family business and allowing God to use us - together - to accomplish great works.

Areas to serve

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

if your church closed its doors tomorrow, would your community even notice?

We are committed to being the hands and feet of Christ in our community all year long. Whether it is with our families, our small groups, or together as the body of Christ, our SERVE MAC team is constantly working to provide opportunities for our congregation to be OUT loving people like Jesus.

Live Like Jesus

Suggested act of kindness for this month:
Adopt some local businesses and write them note cards with a prayer. Include an email contact for them to reach out to you if they have and prayer requests. 

Donation + Support

Suggested donation and support opportunity for this month:
This month we are supporting Beyond Backpacks, who supply backpacks, school supplies, and other necessities to help kids start school equipped and with confidence!

Community Support

This month we are encouraging you to get out support kids across town who participate in Lemonade Day. You will find booths all over the city - speak WORDS OF LIFE, tip generously, and make these kids feel like they have purpose and gifting!
Food Pantry
Tues 11am-1pm, Thur 6-8pm
We provides food boxes to families in need, often including fresh produce, bread (when available), and toiletries.
Clothing Closet
by appointment
Our clothing closet provides gently used clothing and household items to household clients during pantry hours.
available during Food Pantry hours
We have launched a new toiletries program. The toiletries will be part of the shopping experience once a month with along with a clients food box and is there to meet the basic hygiene needs of our clients.
Fire Wood
call for pricing and availability
We sell firewood cords and 1/2 cords. The wood consists of kiln dried lumber ends and seasoned hard and soft woods. All proceeds from sales directly support the Food Pantry.