Site Privacy & E-Commerce Policy


First Church of the Nazarene of McMinnville, Oregon dba Church on the Hill (COTH)  maintains a website to provide church members and the general public with a convenient source of information about the ministries of COTH. Information posted to the website can come from a variety of sources within the congregation, but principally the information comes from the ministries themselves, either by action of the associated church staff or by ministry members directly.  In addition the site allows site users to securely connect to our back-end enterprise management system and make e-commerce transactions for purchases or contributions.

Goal of the Policy

Since the website is publicly accessible, this policy seeks to guide two groups:  1) those who are preparing information to be posted to the website, and 2) those staff, members, guests, friends and visitors who attend worship gatherings, special events, tours, concerts, Care Groups, ministry meetings or other gatherings taking place in the life of this Congregation. For both groups, this policy is to provide guidance as to what information is appropriate for posting to the site, and to set the expectation as to what information is likely to be posted. Special care has been given to create a balance between the utility of the website, and the privacy of individuals.

Administration of the Policy

Every individual or ministry who plans to post to the site is responsible for the content they post. To assist in the administration, the Web Administrator, along with the Communication Coordinator, will make periodic reviews of the contents of the website, to ensure that this policy is being followed. All leaders and staff will be given copies of this policy, and will be expected to familiarize themselves with the policy’s objectives and provisions.


  1. COTH does not guarantee the confidentiality of information that is placed on the website, but will make reasonable efforts to restrict its use to COTH -related activities and staff.
  2. COTH will not sell, trade or release any personal information that an individual provides us, with the exception of situations where COTH is required to comply with governmental, court and law enforcement requests.

The following information can be posted without prior written permission of the person depicted or described:

  1. Names, office phone numbers, extensions and COTH email addresses of staff persons.
  2. Photographs of staff members leading or attending a COTH event.
  3. Narrative descriptions of events which contain the names of staff persons.
  4. Staff biographical information.
  5. First and/or last names of adult members and contact information when those members are designated as a contact person for a COTH event or activity.
  6. Photographs of adults attending a COTH -sponsored event or activity, with accompanying first name identification.
  7. Photographs and full names of leaders of the church currently serving.
  8. Calendar dates and locations of congregational meetings, and the names of COTH leaders and staff who will be attending.
  9. Descriptive announcements of scheduled events which contain the names of persons in a leadership role, for example, a visiting speaker, clinician, musician, author or local dignitary.

The following information must not be posted without prior written permission of the person described or depicted, using the release form. If the person is a minor, written permission must be received from the parent or legal guardian, and placed on file with the church youth or children’s office.

  1. Personal e-mail addresses of COTH staff persons, members, visitors, friends or anyone unrelated to the congregation, i.e.,
  2. Personal home phone numbers of COTH staff persons, members, visitors, friends or anyone unrelated to the congregation.
  3. Narrative descriptions of events which include the last names of persons.
  4. Photographs of adults with accompanying last names.

Whenever photographs of minors attending COTH events is published on the website, the following criteria must be observed:

  1. No identifying captions will be used with any picture. In other words, no child’s name will be published with its picture.
  2. Parent notification will be on file for all students shown in pictures.

Information concerning individual birthdays, any individual’s age, wedding anniversaries, illnesses, deaths, marriages, prayer requests or praises are not appropriate for posting.

Any person discovering that information about themselves or family members has been posted on the COTH website that they do not wish to remain there should contact the church’s Business Administrator by telephone at 503.472.8476.


The following information will be connected to our back-end enterprise management system and be protected in accordance with the following policy.  Our back-end enterprise database system is vendor supplied under the Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution.  The said vendor, Fellowship Technologies, provides all web integration to their system from our web site where persons whom have a relationship with COTH and whom have provided that information, has information that is stored.  Most the information pertaining to individuals is not accessible via the web site, however the following information can be accessed, via the vendor supplied secure system.

  1. Contact information as supplied by individuals including addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, household members and their contact information, dates of birth, gender, activities and attendance, and giving data.
  2. Information regarding the registering for and confirmation of events, as registered via the site by the site user.
  3. Information regarding the purchases, such as camp or event registration, class fees, or materials.
  4. Social security numbers ONLY when authorized by the site user to be submitted to a third party vendor over a secured connection for background checks.
  5. Credit card or e-check information ONLY when authorized and registered by a site user for the purpose of purchases, contributions, or other financial transactions.

Every reasonable effort is conducted by COTH staff to audit said vendors protection of this information.  However, said vendor employs security practices that include but are not limited to…

  1. Secured password and user authentication for all integration.
  2. Full 128 encrypted SSL security.
  3. Up-to-date web authority and identification certificates as issued by a validating 3rd party.
  4. Automated and manual audits by a third party security authority of system security and data integrity.

E-commerce transactions will be conducted under the following provisions…

  1. All personal and e-commerce information will be connected via a vendor supplied secured and encrypted connection.
  2. COTH will accept payment of credit, debit or COTH provided gift cards issued with the Master Card, Visa, or Discover card services.
  3. COTH will not add charges for transactions when credit cards or e-checks are used.
  4. COTH via the supplied vendor will transact all credit cards through a vendor supplied merchant account gateway, hereby disclosed as Cybersource, and all e-checks via a vendor supplied clearing house, hereby disclosed as Profit Stars.
  5. In almost all transactions site users are either making a contribution to COTH or paying for registration fees for events.  Site users will get an email confirmation, thereby providing instant “delivery” of the transaction.  In rare cases where materials are purchased, charges for the materials will not be charged until shipped or available for pickup.

Requests for returns or refunds will be provided for under the following provisions…

  1. In the rare case where materials are purchased, they may be returned within 30 days with a receipt and COTH will issue a full refund on the same credit/debit card the original purchase was made.  In cases were the purchase was made with cash, check, or e-check, the refund will be made by check and mailed.  Checks may take up to 10 business days to be processed.
  2. Contributions:  All contributions are final.  Once received by COTH, contributions are complete and finalized.  COTH will provide annually a statement for your tax records.  Refunds of contributions are not provided for.
  3. Registration / Event / Class Fees:  Refunds will be issued in the same manner as provision 1 in this section when cancellation is received 90 days prior to the event.  All deposits, when charged, are non-refundable.

Updated Mar 2014