Small groups

Small Groups meet weekly or biweekly in people's homes and consist of study, prayer, accountability, and fellowship.  They are facilitated by a trained individual or couple and go through various bible studies through out the year.  The key to these groups is to experience shared discovery, discussion, and encouragement to live out what you hear  God is saying, with the support of trusted friends.


small group testimonials

"Our life group is where I feel safe and can come as I am, be vulnerable and honest knowing I will be loved despite my imperfection and I will be challenged and sharpened to never be the same."

"My life group has been with me through hills and valleys in my life. These are my people and they will always steer me back to the truth."

"I can't imagine doing life without our life group people. They are a constant group that is unwaveringly there through every life experience- the struggles with our families, jobs, loss and grief, and wrestles with God...and the people who celebrate our victories! They are the people who get our inside jokes. The people who will ask me the hard questions so I don't stay in my weak areas. These people accept me for who I am and encourage me to believe the truths about myself and turn my back on the lies. Plus, they are only a call away when I need help moving, raking leaves, shuffling my kids around, or bringing toilet paper in those crises moments."